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These are the ICON lashes. These are part of the luxury mink lashes collection. 


All lashes are made on a soft cotton band that is thin and lightweight. The lashes are so durable that they can be worn up to 25x with proper care. I have over 40 different lashes to enhance your style that vary in length, color, and style.

Every lash order includes a lash brush! Order three or more pairs for a free lash applicator with instructions.

How To Apply

  • Try on the lash to see if it’s a perfect fit. Trim lash if needed
  • Apply King Her Beauty lash glue to lash band and let it become tacky. Any brand of lash glue will work.
  • Place the inner corner of the lash where you want it to begin then guide the rest of the lash band along the lash line to the outer corner until you reach the end. Adjust if nessecary.

Care Instructions

To ensure you get the most out of your lashes…

  • Make sure when you aren’t wearing them you keep them stored in the case/box.
  • After every wear clean and brush the lashes.
  • GENTLY Remove any glue left on the lash band.


Shipping anywhere in the US will usually arrive in 2-5 business days. Shipping internationally usually takes 10-15 days. 

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